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LBSNAA Mussoorie Group Song




› Times of India - Hafiz to IAS: How madrassa students are cracking civils
   [Posted May 05,2019 click here

› List of successful ZFI Fellows - Mains 2018
  UPSC Civil Services Mains Result declared today 20 Dec 2018

   [Posted December 20,2018 click here

› Inauguration of Bhopal Branch of ZFI’s SIr Syed Coaching & Guidance Centre for Civil Services
  in collaboration with Madhya Pradesh Waqf Board

   [Posted October 03,2018 click here

› Indore Civil Services Orientation
   [Posted September 11,2018 click here

› ZFI Meeting with new batch of ZFI Fellows 2018-19
   [Posted August 09,2018 click here

› Civil Services Orientation Program - Kolkata - July 29, 2018
   [Posted July 30,2018 click here

یو پی ایس سی کوچنگ میں بڑی کامیابی کے بعد زکواۂ فاونڈیشن اور جمیعۂ العلما کےدرمیان اشتراک’ سول سروس اکیڈمی کا اعلان جمیعت نے ڈاسنہ میں واقع انسٹیٹیوٹ زیڈ ایف آئ کے حوالہ کیا ‘ ۵۰۰ امیدواروں کو کوچنگ دینے کا ہدف
     [Posted May 14,2018 click here

›  26 ZFI Fellows selected to join Indian Civil Service
    [Posted May 07,2018 click here

›  زکوٰۃ فاؤنڈیشن آف انڈیا کے 26 مسلم نوجوان بنے آئی اے ایس اور آئی
     [Posted May 03,2018 click here

›  26 Fellows of Zakat India Foundation clear UPSC exams
     [Posted May 03,2018 click here

›  मुस्लिमों के लिए सुपर-30 का आनंद कुमार है ये, अब तक बनाए 100 से ज्यादा आईएएस-आईपीएस
     [Posted May 03,2018 click here

›  UPSC में मुसलमान सिर्फ 5%, हमारा लक्ष्य 15% तक ले जाना: जफर महमूद
     [Posted May 03,2018 click here

›  Shortlisted candidates to be interviewed on 30 April 2018 , 9.30 am
   at Zakat Foundation of India CISRS House, 14 Jangpura B,
   Mathura Road (Facing Hotel Rajdoot) New Delhi 110014

     [Posted Apr 29,2018 click here

›  26 Fellows of Zakat India Foundation clear UPSC exams
     [Posted Apr 29,2018 click here

›  زکوٰۃ فاؤنڈیشن آف انڈیا کے 26 مسلم نوجوان بنے آئی اے ایس اور آئی
     [Posted Apr 29,2018 click here

›  یوپی ایس سی میں 48 مسلم امیدواروں کو ملی کامیابی ،زکوة فاﺅنڈیشن کی نمایاں کارکردگی
     [Posted Apr 29,2018 click here

›  Srinagar Shortlist for Interview on 22 April 2018
     [Posted Apr 21,2018 click here

›  ZFI's Annual Test in Srinagar for Selection of ZFI Fellows for Civil Service
   21 April 2018

     [Posted Apr 21,2018 click here

›  ZFI Fellowship 2018-19 - Entrance Test in progress at Kolkata Center
     [Posted Apr 7,2018 click here

›  ZFI Fellowship for Civil Services - selection procedure 2018
   will take place on/at the following dates and venues

     [Posted Mar 17,2018 click here

›  ZFI’s Afaq Giri IRS - part of Global Antarctica Mission
     [Posted Feb 22,2018 click here

›  List of ZFI Fellows successful at UPSC civil services Mains Exam
   Result announced on 10 January 2018

     [Posted Jan 10,2018 click here

Civil Services 2017


›  ZFI Bhopal Orientation for Civil Services held on 03 Dec 2017
   650 registered candidates attended from across Madhya Pradesh

     [Posted Dec 3,2017 click here

›  ZFI’s Civil Services Orientation Programs at Lucknow & Bhopal
   Rashtriya Sahara Urdu mein Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood Sb ke mazmoon
   batareekh 23 Nov ba’unwaan “Civil Services Orientation ka Bhopal Model”
   ka audio mulahiza farmayen. Voice: Dr. Afaque Nadeem Khan, Assistant
   Professor, College of Teacher Education MANUU, Bhopal

     [Posted Nov 28,2017 click here

›  ZFI has entered into a collaboration with MP Waqf Board to begin
   civil services work in WB premises at Bhopal. And to advise MPWB
   reg it’s project of establishing Islamic University in Bhopal

     [Posted Nov 14,2017 click here

›  ZFI Prez addressed civil services aspirants at Central Haj Committee,
   Mumbai. Dr Maqsood Ahmad Khan, CEO, CHC had invited him.
   Earlier, indoor meeting was held with him to mull over improving
   CHC’s civil services methodology. 11 Nov 2017.

     [Posted Nov 12,2017 click here

›  Additional List of 17 candidates dated 22 September 2017
     [Posted Sep 22,2017 click here

›  ZFI Prez speaking at Islamic University if Science & Technology,
   Awantipora, Kashmir 28 Aug 2017

     [Posted Aug 29,2017 click here

›  ZFI's Civil Services orientation program held in Allahabad on 13 August 2017
     [Posted Aug 16,2017 click here

›  ZFI Fellows 2017-18 - Additional List of 11 candidates
   dated 11 August 2017

     [Posted Aug 12,2017 click here

›  Twenty two candidates of Zakat Foundation of India
   have passed the UPSC Prelims Examination 2017 result
   for which was declared on 28 July 2017

     [Posted July 29,2017 click here

›  Civil Services Felicitation - Greetings by
   Maulana Mahmood Madani of Jamiatul Ulema

     [Posted June 24,2017 click here

›  ZFI Fellows Felicitation 2017 and Presentation
     [Posted June 21,2017 click here

›  ZFI Prez message to ZFI Fellows joining civil service
     [Posted June 21,2017 click here

›  Zinda har ek cheez hai koshish-e natamaam se
   (Rashtriya Sahaya 8 June 2017)

     [Posted June 08, 2017]  click here

›  Meet ex-IRS Officer Whose NGO Trains Kashmiri Youths
   to Clear UPSC Exam

     [Posted June 02, 2017]  click here

›  16 ZFI Fellows selected for Civil Services (UPSC Result declared on 31 May 2017)
     [Posted May 31, 2017]  click here

›  محمّد دانش کا زکاة فاؤنڈیشن کی جانب سے انتخاب
     [Posted May 28, 2017]  click here

›  List of ZFI Fellows selected for civil services coaching session 2017-18
     [Posted May 19, 2017]  click here

›  ZFI's Civil Services Selection: List of candidates who have qualified for interview
   on 30 April 2017 click here

     [Posted Apr 29, 2017]  click here

›  Written Test for annual selection of ZFI Fellows held in New Delhi - 29.04.2017
     [Posted Apr 29, 2017]  click here

›  Meeting regarding new expanded Sir Syed Coaching & Guidance Centre
   for Civil Services

     [Posted Apr 13, 2017]  click here

›  Written Test in Mallapuram on 03 May. Interview of shortlisted candidates on 04 May.
   Venue: Malabar Dental College & Research Centre, Manoor,
   Chekanoor Road , Edappal, Malappuram.

     [Posted Apr 6, 2017]

›  Written Test at Srinagar will be held on 15 May at 9am. Based on written test,
   the shortlisted candidates will be interviewed on 16 May at 9 am.
   Venue: Vitasta School of Law & Humanities, Near Mahindra Showroom,
   Pohru Crossing Nowgam, Bye Pass, Srinagar, Kashmir 190015

›  In Kolkata, the Written Test (& Interview of shortlisted candidates) will be held on
   11 May 2017 at 9am
   Venue: Aliah University (Main Campus), ll-A/27, Action Area II
   Newtown, Kolkata, 700156

›  We could not get any help hence no centre at Kishanganj.

›  ZFI's UPSC Civil Services interview preparation rehearsals
   March April 2017

     [Posted Mar 11, 2017]  click here

›  18 ZFI Fellows successful - UPSC Mains Result 2016 declared
     [Posted Feb 22, 2017]  click here

Civil Services 2016

›  Civil Services Orientation
   Some of the persons who have so far organized Civil Services Orientation
   Program in their districts and invited ZFI to address the audience:

   Allahabad (UP) Mr Ehsanullah Khan 9450621486
   Alwar (Rajasthan) Mr Noor Mohammad 9413304746
   Bijapur (Karnataka) Dr Khalid Muqeem 9945129415
   Pune (Maharashtra) Mr A. J. Khan 9423016100
   Jaipur (Rajasthan) Sri A. R. Khan 9414028599

     [Posted July 27, 2016]

›  ZFI Fellows 2016-17 - Additional List
     [Posted July 22, 2016]  click here

›  ZFI President addressed civil services orientation program
   at Allahabad on 17 July 2016

     [Posted July 18, 2016]  click here

›  List of ZFI Fellows selected for 2016-17 (on the basis of test & interview conducted
   May/June 2016 at Srinagar, Calicut, Kolkatta & New Delhi)

     [Posted June 4, 2016]  click here

›  List of Candidates to be interviewed on 2nd June 2016
     [Posted June 1, 2016]  click here

›  ZFI Civil Services Test to select candidates for Prelims 2017
   was held in Kolkata on 28 May 2016

     [Posted May 29, 2016]  click here

›  Selection Test for ZFI Civil Services Fellowship 2017 held at Calicut (Kerala)
   on 21st May 2016

     [Posted May 14, 2016]  click here

›  ZFI Selection Test was held in Srinagar on 14 May 2016
     [Posted May 14, 2016]  click here

›  17 ZFI Fellows finally selected in Civil Services - Click here for the List
     [Posted May 11, 2016]  click here

›  List of 32 candidates who have been given interview rehearsals
   (usually 2-3 each) by ZFI during Feb-April 2016, preparing them for
   UPSC Civil Services interviews 2016

     [Posted Apr 15, 2016]  click here

›  ZFI Prez addressing civil services aspirants of Maharashtra in Mumbai
   [Posted Dec 30, 2015]  click here

Selection of ZFI Fellows 2016 - Phase I
[Posted Dec 09, 2015]  click here

Civil Services 2015

ZFI's All-Rajasthan Civil Services Orientation held at Jaipur on 09 Aug 2015
[Posted Aug 10, 2015]  click here

Government not at fault for low Muslim presence in bureaucracy)
[Posted Aug 01, 2015]  click here

ZFI Fellowship Batch of 2015-16 (Part III)
[Posted July 31, 2015]  click here

Kerala to explore helping ZFI's civil services centre in Delhi
[Posted July 26, 2015]  click here

ZFI-Fellows-turned-officers 2015 felicitated
[Posted July 23, 2015]  click here

Kerala Civil Services Orientation - Malappuram - 26 July 2015
[Posted July 6, 2015]  click here

Rajasthan Civil Services Orientation - Jaipur - 9th Aug 2015
[Posted July 6, 2015]  click here

Iftar in ZFI Civil Services Hostel, New Delhi
[Posted July 5, 2015]  click here

15 ZFI Fellows finally selected to join Civil Services
(UPSC Result declared on 04 July, 2015)

[Posted July 4, 2015]  click here

ETV - ZFI Civil Services Success news
[Posted July 4, 2015]  click here

ZFI Fellowship Batch of 2015-16 (Part II)
[Posted June 14, 2015]  click here

Students selected to appear at Interview on 14 June 2015
[Posted June 13, 2015]  click here

UPSC 2015 Interviews - Highlights of ZFI Fellow Ruha Shadab's interview
[Posted June 12, 2015]  click here

ZFI Fellowship Batch of 2015-16 (Part I)
[Posted May 12, 2015]  click here

List of candidates selected as ZFI Fellows 2015-16 shall be uploaded on 10 May 2015
[Posted April 27, 2015]

List of selected candidates for Interview on Sunday, 26 April, 2015
April 25, 2015]  click here

9 ZFI Fellows qualify for UPSC Civil Service Personality Test 2015.
April 18, 2015]  click here

ZFI Fellows' interaction with ex-panelist, UPSC Civil Services Interview Board

Civil Services orientation (Pune) 14.12.2014
[Posted Jan 17, 2015]  click here

Civil Services 2014

ZFI Fellows so far selected for various services in different years
[Posted July 15, 2014]  click here

13 ZFI Fellows inducted into Civil Services per final 2014 results
[Posted June 12, 2014] 
click here

ZFI Civil Service Orientation Program at Luc know 19 Oct 2014
[Posted Oct 20, 2014]  click here

Eleven Candidates of Zakat Foundation of India have qualified in the UPSC Civil Services Prelims Exam 2014 whose result has been declared today (13 Oct 2014)
[Posted Oct 13, 2014]  click here

by Shuayb Nur - for queries write to: with copy to
[Posted June 23, 2014]  click here>

List of candidates selected as ZFI fellows 2014 for civil services
[Posted Apr 13, 2014]  click here

List of candidates selected for Interview to be held on Sunday, 13 April 2014
[Posted Apr 12, 2014]  click here

ZFI Civil Services Interview Rehearsals 03 April 2014
[Posted April 4, 2014]  click here

Civil Services 2013

8 ZFI fellows clear UPSC Mains Exam
[Posted Mar 14, 2014]  click here>

Malyalam commentary on ZFI Reception for it's successful candidates
[Posted September 03 2013]  click here>

Meet the newly recruited civil services officers
[Posted September 01 2013]  click here>

Zakat Foundation helps Muslims crack civil services exam
Times of India 30 August 2013
[Posted August 30 2013]  click here>

Civil Services Exam 2014 - Selection of ZFI Fellows 2013
[Posted Apr 28 2013]  click here>

Civil Services Exam 2014 - Selection of ZFI Fellows 2013
[Posted Apr 27 2013]  click here>

Seven ZFI Fellows cleared UPSC Mains 2012 (Results declared on 22 Feb 2013)
[Posted Feb 22 2013]  click here>

Civil Services 2012

ZFI Fellows Batch 2012 - Meeting with successful ZFI Fellows of last year
[Posted Sep 22 2012] click here>

Successful ZFI Fellows 4th Batch greeted
[Posted Sep 02 2012] click here>

….. 13th century Persian Sufi poet
[Posted Sep 02 2012] click here>

[Posted August 29 2012] click here>

List of ZFI Fellows Selected for Interview of Civil Services 2012 at Malappuram at 07:30am on 29 Aug 2012
[Posted August 28 2012] click here>

Kashmir Civil Services Orientation Program, 17 June 2012
[Posted June 20 2012] click here>

Four ZFI Fellows Finally Selected
(UPSC Civil Services Result 2012 Declared)
[Posted May 04 2012] click here>

List Of ZFI Fellows 2012
[Posted Apr 29 2012] click here>

Terms of ZFI Fellowship.
[Posted June 10 2011]
click here>

Limited Exam for IPS - Delhi High Court Proceedings: Urdu/English
[Posted Mar 29 2012] click here>

Civil Services 2011

11 ZFI Fellows qualified for Civil Service Mains examination. click here >

UPSC results: 5 'ZFI Fellows' inducted into Civil Services. click here >

Apply for Prelims 2012 selection cycle. click here >

List of ZFI Fellows 2011. click here >

Selection of ZFI Fellows 2011 Batch. click here >

Kashmir Civil Services Orientation Program on June 12, 2010. click here >

Story of Shah Faesal - ZFI Fellow & All-India I.A.S. topper 2010. click here >

ZFI Candidate is All-India I.A.S. topper in Civil Services exam. click here >

Dates for Prelims 2011 selection cycle. click here >

Mock interviews for qualified 'ZFI Fellows' held. click here >

Selection of ZFI Fellows in 2009 UPSC Mains. click here >

August 2009 'UPSC Mains' success of ZFI Fellows click here >


Temporary return of original certificates click here > MSWord


Candidates are selected after an extensive application, test and interview process.

Candidates are encouraged to gain admission to premier coaching institutes of Delhi such as Vajiram, Synergy, Sri Ram, Ensemble, Interactions. Their fee is paid by ZFI directly to the institutes. They are provided accomodation and food at ZFI's hostels.


Per the 2007 Sachar Report prepared by the Indian Prime Minister's High Level Committee (link 1, link 2),
India's largest minority group are Muslims - constituting 13.4% of the total population or about 150 million citizens - perhaps making them the second largest Muslim community in the world.

However, the Sachar Report found that this minority community lagged behind nearly all other groups in India, including the so-called 'untouchables,' in terms of social, economic and educational status.


The underprivileged status of India's minority Muslims is also seen in the Indian Civil Service - which is a crucial government organ overseeing implementation of national policy and resource allocation.

India's minority Muslims constituted 1% to 4.5% of the civil services, judiciary and government jobs - predominantly as clerical  or janitorial staff, despite being 13.4% of the population.

The ZFI Fellowship aims to alleviate the lack of representation in the Civil Services, via a merit-based approach.


To view list of 'ZFI Fellows' 1st Batch (Beginning 2007) click here >

To view list of 'ZFI Fellows' 2nd Batch (Beginning 2008) click here >

To view list of 'ZFI Fellows' 3rd Batch (Beginning 2009) click here >

To view list of 'ZFI Fellows' 4th Batch (Beginning 2010) click here >

To view list of 'ZFI Fellows' 5th Batch (Beginning 2011) click here >



A list of competitive examinations conducted by the UPSC can be accessed by clicking here > PDF

Questions? Email .



"I will fly and fly"

سول سروس : ابتدائ تیاری کا بیجاپور ماڈل
Civil Service: Ibtedaaee tayyari ka Bijapur model

(Roznama Sahara
19 May 2016)

سول سروسز: اپنی دنیا آپ پیدا کر اگر زندوں میں ہے
Civil Services: Apni duniya aap paida kar agar zindon mein hai

(Roznama Sahara
9 July 2015)

سول سروسز میں ہماری شمولیت کی اہمیت
Civil services mein hamari shumuliat ki ahammiyat

(Roznama Sahara
23 April 2015)

سول سروسز کے ذریعہ ملت بااختیار بن سکتی ہے
Civil Services ke zariye millat ba-akhtiyar ban sakti hai.

Rashtriya Sahara Dec 07, 2017


Former ZFI Fellow Mohd Shahid Alam, now in IFS, currently Dy. Consul General, Indian Consulate in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)

Mohd. Ali Shihab, IAS



'Sachar Report' (Prime Minister's Office) on Social, Economic and Educational Status of India's Minority Community. click here >

Summary of 'Sachar Report.' click here >

Mr Suhail Sheikh of Mumbai in ZFI office