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Eid-al-Azha - Should there be no Qurbani in 2020 due to COVID-19 ?
क्या 2020 में करोना वायरस कोविड-19 की वजह से क़ुरबानी नहीं की जाए ? देखिए टीवी डिबेट @News18Urdu
‎عید الاضحى- کیا اس سال قربانی کرنی ہے ؟


With grace of God just finished Interfaith Prayer #PrayForHumanity global event - May 14, 2020 call given by @HumanFraternity, HH Pope Francis, @Pontifex, Grand Imam of Al Azhar Sheikh Ahmed Al Tayeb, HE UN SEC GEN @antonioguterres & HE @MohamedBinZayed - prayed for end to coronavirus epidemic and saving humanity.

To listen to the Audio - please click above

Hail PM Modi Ji - India locked down for 21 days
from midnight of March 24/25, 2020(till midnight of April 14/15, 2020)






The dastardly #SriLanka attacks and all other terrorist attacks committed in the world are most condemnable. These crimes against humanity manifest worst irreligiosity. May God bless the departed souls, the injured and the surviving families, Amen !


Obamaspeak: Let us set the world on a different path
   [Posted July 28,2019 click here

› Some socially conscious NRIs got together in Dubai on Nov 12, 2019 — to think
  about 2119 - Interactive session with the visiting President of
  Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood

   [Posted Nov 20,2019 click here

› What Is The Present Situation Of Muslims,
  What Was The Vision Of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan?

   [Posted Oct 13,2019 click here

› ZFI’s Quran Conference 2019
   [Posted Oct 07,2019 click here

› Empowering the Deprived - interfaith Group Discussion in New Delhi on July 28, 2019
   [Posted July 29,2019 click here

› IMEDA Minority Development Agenda
   [Posted June 12,2019 click here

› Ab bahot ho gaya - Hamein apni millat ko bachana hi ho ga
   [Posted June 02,2019 click here

› Felicitation of Dr Najma Akhtar as first lady VC of JMI
   [Posted May 27,2019 click here

› Times of India - Hafiz to IAS: How madrassa students are cracking civils
   [Posted May 05,2019 click here

› The Siyasat Daily : Insufficient representation of Muslims in Civil Services
   [Posted Apr 09,2019 click here

› Every Parent in India Wants Their Child to Become An IAS Officer:
  Junaid Ahmed, UPSC Rank 3

   NEWS 18 click here  TwoCircles click here  NEWSD click here

  [Posted Apr 09,2019

› Ayodhya Issue rapprochement
   [Posted Mar 07,2019 click here

› Book Release - DENIAL & DEPRIVATION authored by Abdur Rahman IPS
  presided over by ZFI President Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood - PPT

   [Posted Feb 08,2019 click here

› ZFI President was chief guest at MESCO Golden Jubilee Celebrations at Mumbai
  January 27, 2019

   [Posted January 27,2019 click here

› 22 Bishops of United Methodist Church, USA were hosted by Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood,
  Dr (Mrs) Nazira Mahmood, Rev Fr (Dr) Packiam Samuel - IICC - New Delhi
  January 04, 2018

   [Posted January 05,2019 click here

› India Islamic Cultural Center - 1981-2018 - Genesis, Aims, Obligations
  By Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood, President,

   [Posted January 03,2019 click here


› The BL Video
   [Posted December 29,2018 click here

› List of successful ZFI Fellows - Mains 2018
  UPSC Civil Services Mains Result declared today 20 Dec 2018

   [Posted December 20,2018 click here

› آئیے ہم اپنے دل کی غار حرا میں خلوت نشینی اختیار کریں
  Let us saddle ourselves in our heart’s Ghaar Hira

   [Posted December 15,2018 click here

› Muslim Christmas Song
   [Posted December 13,2018 click here

› ZFI President was chief guest at Jalsa Seeratun Nabi (S) - Lucknow - 05 Dec 2018
   [Posted December 05,2018 click here

› George Bernard Shaw, Noble Prize winner in Literature in 1925
   [Posted November 18,2018 click here

› ZFI Prez addressed the Annual Educational Conference in Vadodara Nov 12, 2018
   [Posted November 12,2018 click here

› ZFI Int’l meet in London - Nov 03, 2018
   [Posted November 04,2018 click here

› All India Taleemi Caravan hosted by ZFI Bahraich Unit 
   [Posted October 13,2018 click here

› ZFI attends Human Rights Training Program for Officials of Juvenile Homes
   [Posted October 07,2018 click here

› Inauguration of Bhopal Branch of ZFI’s SIr Syed Coaching & Guidance Centre for
  Civil Services in collaboration with Madhya Pradesh Waqf Board

   [Posted October 03,2018 click here

› International Media hails ZFI’s ‘Haj Fund of India’
  Helping Muslims save for the haj: National schemes in Indonesia, India, Nigeria

   [Posted September 28,2018 click here

› ZFI hosts NGOs meeting running orphanages in South West Delhi
   [Posted September 13,2018 click here

› Indore Civil Services Orientation
   [Posted September 11,2018 click here

› Eid celebrated by Happy Homes children
   [Posted August 23,2018 click here

› Independence Day Celebrations in ZFI’s Happy Homes
   [Posted August 16,2018 click here

› Civil Services Orientation Program - Kolkata - July 29, 2018
   [Posted July 30,2018 click here

› Interfaith Love & Affection - The Islamic Mandate
   [Posted July 25,2018 click here

› Qalb-e Saleem
   [Posted June 21,2018 click here

› Man’s Two Options
   [Posted June 21,2018 click here

› Power of Creation
   [Posted June 21,2018 click here

› Zarbe Kaleem
   [Posted June 21,2018 click here

› JS Lateral Entry At Joint Secretary level in Govt of India
  Comments by
  Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood, ex OSD, Prime Minister’s HLC

     [Posted June 12,2018 click here

› Hamare Masail - Special Discussion Over Zakat On News18 Urdu
     [Posted June 4,2018 click here

› There is no scarcity of Namaz space in India
     [Posted May 31,2018 click here

› List of candidates selected on the basis of Tests & Interviews held on
   07 April to 07 May 2018

     [Posted May 21,2018 click here

یو پی ایس سی کوچنگ میں بڑی کامیابی کے بعد زکواۂ فاونڈیشن اور جمیعۂ العلما کےدرمیان اشتراک’ سول سروس اکیڈمی کا اعلان جمیعت  نے ڈاسنہ میں واقع انسٹیٹیوٹ زیڈ ایف آئ کے حوالہ کیا ‘ ۵۰۰ امیدواروں کو کوچنگ دینے کا ہدف
     [Posted May 14,2018 click here

     [Posted May 13,2018 click here

› Supreme Court appoints nodal Officers to ensure basic amenities to Rohingyas
     [Posted May 13,2018 click here

› ZFI Bulletin Jan to Mar 2018
     [Posted May 07,2018 click here

›  26 ZFI Fellows selected to join Indian Civil Service
     [Posted May 07,2018 click here

›  Hamare Masail, Saturday 9 PM & Sunday 11 AM

     [Posted May 05,2018 click here

›  ZFI Bhopal - Services Selection Procedure 2018
   (shortlisted to be interviewed on 6th May 2018)

     [Posted May 04,2018 click here

›  Civil Services: Millat ki zarkhez mitti ko nam karna hai
     [Posted May 03,2018 click here

›  Shortlisted candidates to be interviewed on 30 April 2018 , 9.30 am
   at Zakat Foundation of India CISRS House, 14 Jangpura B,
   Mathura Road (Facing Hotel Rajdoot) New Delhi 110014

     [Posted Apr 29,2018 click here

›  UPSC grooming for Muslims pays off again
     [Posted Apr 29,2018 click here

›  जक़ात से 26 मुस्लिम युवा बने आईएएस और आईपीएस अफसर
     [Posted Apr 29,2018 click here

›  Justice Rajinder Sachar Memorial Evening Addressed by
   ZFI Pres

     [Posted Apr 29,2018 click here

›  Interaction with officials of National Small Industries Corporation with
   prospective aspirants for short training and entrepreneurship was
   facilitated by ZFI in its Delhi office on April 26, 2018

     [Posted Apr 27,2018 click here

›  Srinagar Shortlist for Interview on 22 April 2018
     [Posted Apr 21,2018 click here

›  Our very dear Justice Rajinder Sachar is no more. Deeply saddened ...
   personal loss ... Nation’s loss ... big jerk for benevolence.
   He was lighting spirit of goodness, truthfulness, philanthropy
   and plain speaking. There’s lot to learn from his life.

     [Posted Apr 20,2018 click here

›  Darul Hijrat Rehabilitation Plan After Fire
     [Posted Apr 18,2018 click here

›  For advancing Urdu language and literature and for his educational,
   literary and faith services Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood is conferred with
   PRIDE OF URDU Award by Jamia Urdu, Aligarh

     [Posted Apr 16,2018 click here

›  Fire at ZFI’s Darul Hijrat Rohingya Camp in Delhi - Kindly help
   ZFI’s Vice President Mr SM Shakil is Incharge of relief and
   rehabilitation ‭+91 98101 28972

     [Posted Apr 15,2018 click here

›  ZFI Fellowship 2018-19 - Entrance Test in progress at Kolkata Center
     [Posted Apr 7,2018 click here

›  Kinds of Sadaqah
     [Posted Apr 6,2018 click here

›  مساجد کی اہمیت: سپریم کورٹ کے سوال کا جواب
   Masaajid ki ahammiyat: Supreme Court ke sawal ka jawab

     [Posted Mar 29,2018] Roznama Sahara  click here

›  ZFI Prez was chief guest at the annual function of
   Jamia Islamia Sanabil, Delhi

     [Posted Mar 27,2018 click here

›  ZFI representative Mr Naved Khan attended the Workshop organized
   by District Child Protection Unit of Delhi Govt on 26 Mar 2018

     [Posted Mar 27,2018 click here

›  ZFI Bahraich Consultative Committee Meeting March 12, 2018
     [Posted Mar 13,2018 click here

›  President Kovind addresses Aligarh Muslim University's annual
   convocation event

     [Posted Mar 9,2018 click here

›  An 11 year girl can transform national discourse
     [Posted Feb 26,2018 click here

›  Azerbaijan: A protagonist of global Islamic solidarity by
   Dr. Syed Zafar Mahmood

     [Posted Feb 22,2018 click here

›  ZFI’s Afaq Giri IRS - part of Global Antarctica Mission
     [Posted Feb 22,2018 click here

›  Let us fix the 21st Century
     [Posted Jan 31,2018 click here

›  HAJ SUBSIDY - Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood’s published articles in
   English & Urdu
   Urdu: Haj Subsidy ke deeni, aaeeni wa baatini pahloo
حج سبسڈی پر ڈاکٹر سید ظفر محمود کے شائع شدہ مضامین - اردو و انگریزی میں
    حج سبسڈی کے دینی’ آئینی و باطنی پہلو

     [Posted Jan 20,2018 click here

›  List of ZFI Fellows successful at UPSC civil services Mains Exam
   Result announced on 10 January 2018

     [Posted Jan 10,2018 click here




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