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Dear Mrs Rehana Hasan, Assalamalekum !

The least a person can do is to empathise with the other. Empathy is a rare and a beautiful quality a person can possess. I believe that every human is unique and carries a distinct kindness that needs to be awakened. There is greater good to be done everywhere in every part of the society. There is a consciousness in all persons which makes them aware of their rights and responsibilities. But it is latent and needs to be found. Talking is one such way that awakens the conscience. People let out what they are storing within and can thus be get free from all the trauma that is in them. We, as a society can help each other and spread the awareness about the basic rights as to contribute to that greater good. I want to volunteer and help Zakat Foundation of India - Ladies Wing to expand and reach out to more women and girls. Let's bring a change together.

With Warm regards
Nasreen Anjum
Oct 07, 2018

Assalam, I would love to join ZFI’s Ladies Wing. I have worked about 31 years as a child development projects officer under UP Government. I found it similar to my previous experience so I can give my services and ideas whenever required. Kindly arrange to add me as a member of ZFI Ladies Wing.
Best Regards,
Afroz Aziz

I thank u for this invitation of joining the Ladies’wing of Zfi...
The cause is the need of the day, sincere n devoted efforts r a must by every thoughtful muslim, I m already involved in many places but I m ever ready for every co operation.
Naseema Khan

I’ll definitely be looking forward to be part of this noble cause ..I’m not in India right now ..would get in touch once I’m back ..I should be back by 15th in sha Allah
I’ve two friends who also who I feel would be interested too ..if you do not have any issues I can ask them to join too.
Mrs. Almas Zaheer
Oct 08, 2018

I would love to be the member.
Yasmeen Niyazi
Oct 08, 2018