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Happy Home orphanages:
Two in Delhi (one each for boys & girls)
One in Bahraich (for boys)



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Independence Day Celebration 15 Aug 2020 at Happy Home India



Zakat Foundation of India has been running three orphanages in New Delhi & Bahraich (UP) to accommodate over 100 children affected by the 2002 Gujarat riots, the 2004 tsunami in South India and 2011-12 Assam riots.

HAPPY HOMES for Boys & Girls are dedicated to care for these children till they reach adulthood and financial independence.

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› ZFI hosts NGOs meeting running orphanages in South West Delhi
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› Eid celebrated by Happy Homes children
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›  ZFI Bahraich Consultative Committee Meeting March 12, 2018
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After Eid Namaz with Happy Home children



15 Aug 2017 Independence Day Celebrations


Happy Home Girls Iftar 2017

Happy Home children in Bahraich & New Delhi after Eid-al-Azha 2016


›  Happy Home Bahraich (UP) children enjoy the rainy season


›  ZFI's Happy Home Picnic
   [Posted Aug 09, 2015]
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Iftar at Happy Home
Area MLA Mr Amanatullah in conversation with ZFI office bearers




Times of India - Speaking Tree - 26 July 2013
by Humra Quraishi
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A view of Happy Home Boys Iftar in Delhi 5 July 2014

Happy Home Iftar in Delhi, 5 July 2014

Iftar at Happy Home, Bahraich

A section of the Happy Home children at the Eid Feast after Namaz


In New Delhi children attend the nearby English-medium God's Grace School (link). All other expenses, including food, clothing, transport, housing are covered by ZFI.

One orphanage staff includes one supervisor, two governesses, two matrons, one cook, one kitchen assistant, one driver. Their salaries are paid by ZFI and local philanthropists.

Read about one volunteer's experience at the orphanages by clicking here>

Assam Riots 2011-12:

 General condition of children in Assam riot affected areas & camps

 Riot affected children of Kokrajhar, Assam at Happy Home Bahraich

54 children who were living in makeshift camps in the wake of Assam Riots 2011-12 have joined Happy Homes for boys & girls in New Delhi and Happy Home, Bahraich (U.P.)

Tehelka Weekly newspaper published an article on Happy Home which can be accessed here >.


History of orphans from 2002 riots in Gujarat:

Gujarati children, in the age group 4 to 11 years, arrived in Delhi in 2002 escorted by six elderly Gujarati adults. The children's arrival was covered by the media (link). The Gujarati children were from one of the following categories:

a) Both the parents are no more. There is nobody in the family who has even minimum means in order to look after the child.
b) Only one parent is alive. But he / she has no means whatsoever.
c) Both the parents are alive. But they have lost whatever little means they had and are now fully dependent on public charity.

As mentioned above, Zakat Foundation of India took upon itself total responsibility of bringing up these children.

Happy Home License


Photography of Happy Home children: Salman Usmani of Tehelka newspaper.


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A Daylight Massacre
Baska District, BTAD,
Assam, May 1, 2014
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