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Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood’s short motivational address to bright youth - Sept 20, 2021

Taj Mahal’s Spiritual Message audio narrated by Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood, President, Zakat Foundation of India


ZFI Bahraich Entrance Exam


ZFI Bahraich Tailoring Instt

Under India’s dignified presidency UN Security Council passes
efficacious resolution on Afghanistan

ZFI President speaking at online Hajj event organized
by Consulate General of India, Jeddah @CGIJeddah
Cherishing 75 years of India’s Independence and Indo-Saudi Friendship

Let us avoid tissues



  Head of Zakat Foundation says ‘Good Work’ will continue 

Kindly click to read: English  |  Hindi

Kindly click to read: English  |  Hindi

Eid-al-Azha - Should there be no Qurbani in 2020 due to COVID-19 ?
क्या 2020 में करोना वायरस कोविड-19 की वजह से क़ुरबानी नहीं की जाए ? देखिए टीवी डिबेट @News18Urdu
‎عید الاضحى- کیا اس سال قربانی کرنی ہے ؟

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Hail PM Modi Ji - India locked down for 21 days
from midnight of March 24/25, 2020(till midnight of April 14/15, 2020)





The dastardly #SriLanka attacks and all other terrorist attacks committed in the world are most condemnable. These crimes against humanity manifest worst irreligiosity. May God bless the departed souls, the injured and the surviving families, Amen !


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Haj Longing Video Dua

Sachar Report, Full Report & Summary, English, Urdu & Hindi

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