Registered with Government of India under Indian Trusts Act. Also registered under:
(a) Sections 12 A & 80 G of Income-tax Act and
(b) Foreign Contribution Regulation Act.

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Dear friends,   

Assalamu Alaikum!

During Ramadan we collectively undergo a temporary, calculated restraint from basic human instincts to maintain self-control. We redirect human attention to intellectual, spiritual and moral dimensions. And, we offer material assistance to those who are in need.

Two young sisters in Delhi have suffered severe acid burn injuries on face and other body parts. Their eyesight is gone. With medical maneuvering, most body organ function have been resuscitated back to normalcy. Yet, their faces still bear the scars of the horrible attack. Specialized plastic surgeries and rehabilitation will cost Rs 1.35 crore (USD 3,00,000). More details available by clicking here >

ZFI is also helping a 16 year boy from a very poor family who is awaiting life saving kidney transplant

Other ZFI projects are going on as usual for the poor and needy – orphanages, medical facilities, ambulance, widow assistance, poor girls’ marriage, students’ tuition and hostel fees, empowerment of the downtrodden through helping them join high government positions, self-employment, monitoring the implementation of government schemes for the minorities, etc.

ZFI is registered under Indian Trusts, Income-tax and Foreign Contribution Regulation Acts.

Your help will surely reduce the gap between "haves" and the "have-nots": fulfilling God’s injunction. Kindly DONATE ONLINE, or through OTHER means such as bank transfer, bank draft, pay order, cheque / check favoring ZAKAT FOUNDATION OF INDIA payable in New Delhi. For cash contribution please email to us or phone one of the ZFI office bearers. May God bless you all the more.

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Syed Zafar Mahmood, PhD
Zakat Foundation of India