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Videos & Presentations

› Book Release - DENIAL & DEPRIVATION authored by Abdur Rahman IPS
  presided over by ZFI President Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood - PPT

   [Posted Feb 08,2019 click here

›  Shola e Namrood hai raushan zamaane mein to kya
   PowerPoint Presentation by Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood

    [Posted Aug 26,2018 click here

›  Houston Presentation - July 14, 2018
     [Posted July 15,2018 click here

›  ZFI President’s POWERPOINT PRESENTATION made in Srinagar on June 10, 2018
     [Posted June 12,2018 click here

›  For Guidance Watch PPT
     [Posted Apr 15,2018 click here

›  Presentation made at Azarbaijan international conference on 2017:    Year of Islamic Solidarity - Interfaith and Intercultural
   Dialogue on 21 December 2018

   [Posted Dec 21,2017 click here

›  Contribution of Islam and Muslims in the Constituent Assembly (Presentation made by Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood
   on the eve of the Constitution Day in the program held in the Constitution Club, New Delhi on 26 Nov 2017)

   [Posted Nov 28,2017 click here

›  Hyderabad Workshop on “Education to Entrepreneurship” 27 Oct 2017
   [Posted Nov 06,2017 click here

›  ZFI Jr Fellowship Orientation - New Delhi 21 October 2017
   [Posted Oct 29,2017 click here

›  ZFI Fellows Felicitation 2017 and Presentation
   [Posted July 21,2017 click here

ZFI Fellows Felicitation 2017

Civil Services result 2017 : ETV debate


News-18 India coverage of ZFI



Dr Zafar Mahmood's presentation on civil services - IICC, 10 July 2016
[Posted July 10, 2016]  click here

Civil Services orientation (Pune) 14.12.2014
[Posted Jan 17, 2015]  click here

EID MILAN Presentation in New Delhi 03 August 2014
[Posted August 06, 2014]  click here

Chicago presentation - Nuances of Community Uplift - 21 June 2014 - AMU Old Boys Federation
[Posted June 23, 2014]  click here
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ZFI President's presentation at World Zakat Conference, New York, 28-29 May 2014 - Organized collection & institutionalized utilization of Zakat, Sadaqah, Infaaq and Qulil 'Afwa at micro & macro levels in India - A well-tested practice
[Posted June 1, 2014]  click here>

Pune Presentation
[Posted Oct 27 2013]  click here>

Muzaffarnagar Situation & Solutions : Long-term & short-term
[Posted September 19 2013]  click here>

Video clips of Eye Witnesses of Murder & Rape in Muzaffarnagar
[Posted September 19 2013]  click here>

20 UPA Actions expected by Muslims (PPT) Mostly belied
[Posted September 12 2013]  click here>

UPA's last window of opportunity: Muslims expect 20 actions by Dec 2013

For PowerPoint Presentation Click Here

For Video Click Here

Iqbal on Khudi

The Ahmedabad Presentation 29 June 2013