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ZFI President addresses American Federation of Muslim Indians (AFMI) conference in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

December 28, 2010 (Ahmedabad, Gujarat): Dr. Syed Zafar Mahmood (President, ZFI) visited Ahmedabad and addressed a large gathering of Muslims organized by American Federation of Muslim Indians (link).

While he lamented the non-implementation of some vital recommendations of Sachar Committee (link), he exhorted the fellow Muslims to organize themselves and closely and systematically monitor the ground level reality using the Right to Information Act.

That way, the required pressure will be created on the government to implement vital Sachar recommendations.

He also visited the Dhoraji Nagar and Citizen Nagar areas in Ahmedabad where the 200 victim families of 2002 Gujarat riots have been rehabilitated with the help of local Muslim philanthropists.

However, Dr. Zafar Mahmood expressed his disappointment and sadness to see that both these areas are at the foothill of a one-kilometer long and fifty feet high heap of trash dumped there from all over the city.


It gives very bad smell. During rainy season the filth is swept inside these twin Muslim colonies. Ground water is not drinkable. Water borne diseases are commonplace.

There is no regular outflux of sewage. There is no school for the children. The average family income is between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3000 per month mostly from low level jobs in factories.

The ownership documentation papers of these dwelling units have not yet been made available to the resident families.

Dr. Zafar Mahmood has appealed to the people of Gujarat and the rest of India to generously donate through the NGO community so that necessary infrastructural assistance can be provided to these neglected areas of Ahmedabad.


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