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SEPTEMBER 22, 2010 (New Delhi): On September 21, Delhi’s iconic Jama Masjid was the site of a brutal attack by masked gunmen on a group of Taiwanese tourists (link).

Saleem Ahmed – a rickshaw puller – became the hero of the day as he stepped up to the rescue of the tourists.

Mr. Ahmed flung stones at the attackers as they reloaded their weapons, while putting himself in harms way.

As reported by the media, Mr. Ahmed earns a daily wage of Rs. 150-200 ($3-4) to support his family.

He has recently been utilizing most of his income to treat his wife, Shabina, who is suffering from tuberculosis.

To felicitate Mr. Ahmed’s bravery, Zakat Foundation of India today handed over Rs. 50,000.

In addition, ZFI’s Adams Care Hospital will now bear the entire expense to treat the tuberculosis that has been ailing his wife Shabina.


Other rickshaw pullers, or any dependent family member of whom is suffering from any disease, may also contact Zakat Foundation of India for help in medical treatment.