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June 8, 2009 (New Delhi): 11-year old Shanno Khan died on April 17 after her teacher, at a government-run school, allegedly banged her head against a table and made her stand in the sun for two hours (link).

Zakat Foundation of India has since taken on the responsibility of caring for Shanno's family.

Siblings' Education

Shanno's parents, who are day laborers and live in a slum in Bawana, have moved the two remaining sisters to the 'Fatima Care Orphanage' for girls (link) operated by ZFI in New Delhi.


The two sisters' stay at Fatima Care is similar to being at a boarding school, and ZFI will provide shelter, clothing and food.

Their education will be at the English-medium God's Grace School (link) which has waived all fees for the two students.


ZFI has now purchased a plot of land for Shanno Khan's family, who till now lived in a slum on the Bawana roadside.

The Foundation will build a modest dwelling unit on this land and will hand it over to Shanno Khan's family.

Previous ZFI reports on Shanno's family can be seen here >.