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کشمیر ہماری طویل توجہ کا متمنی ہے
Kashmir hamari taveel tavajjoh ka mutamanni hai
Rashtriya Sahara 18 September 2014
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کشمیریوں کے امتحان کی گھڑی اور ہم
Kashmiriyon ke imtehaan ki gharee aur ham
Rashtriya Sahara 11 September 2014
[Posted September 20, 2014]  click here

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 Jammu & Kashmir Flood Relief


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Sep/Oct 2014, New Delhi: ZFI has been airlifting boats and relief supplies to the victims of the Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) floods. A total of 3 ZFI teams have been in Kashmir providing relief and rescue mission to save lives. The number affected is over 1 million people, with high casualty figures expected.


Items airlifted by ZFI to Srinagar:
- 25 boats for search and rescue
- Daily shipments of over 20 cartons containing:
--- Flash lights and batteries
--- Medicines
--- Potable water
--- Baby formula
--- Sanitary napkins for women

--- 100 life jackets
--- Torches / batteries / Candles
--- Cereals and Oil
--- Milk/ Sugar / Tea
--- Chrlorine tablets to clean water
--- Phenyl
--- Blankets


Timeline of our relief effort:
Today: The next phase is rehabilation of 5,00,000 people who can practically be described as Internall Displaced Persons. The valley needs to be cleaned and disinfected. Houses need to be rebuilt / reinforced.

Oct 6 2014:
South Kashmir is worst affected by the recent floods. Forty two Qurbani buffaloes were purchased by ZFI, in Kashmir and handed over to Village Mohalla Committees as follows.

Julgam and Anantnag districts:

6.Kawaki bazar keemu
12.Aari Gutnu

Sep 16 2014: Nearly 2 weeks after the floods begin, water levels in many areas remain at upto 2-3 feet. ZFI trucks laden with supply bags reach these areas and wades through the waters the waves so created, at times, are sufficiently forceful to fell the walls of the adjoining houses that have become brittle due to remaining inundated for 10 days or more.

Animal carcasses have been adding to the pollution woes. Later, many of these have been dissolved through chemicals under specialized government supervision after ZFI advocated this at high level.

Sep 15 2014: ZFI teams in Kashmir continue to get SOS calls from across J&Kstate. Entire families trapped on water-locked "islands" with their homes washed away. We try to pinpoint the families location and direct rescue boats.

Sep 13 2014: ZFI purchases and airlifts 10 more boats into Srinagar.

Sep 10 onwards: Each day 1 ZFI team member flies from Delhi to Srinagar taking with him/her 18-20 cartons of supplies.

Sep 10 2014: ZFI stages peaceful darna (protest) at Jantan Mandar in New Delhi against Modi Government’s slow response in providing relief. Charter of demands submitted to Prime Minister demanding 200 more helicopters and 1000 more boats be sent to Kashmir for search and rescue missions.


9 Sep 2014: ZFI’s first relief team arrives in Srinagar. They bring with them 9 additional boats purchased and airlifted by ZFI into Srinagar.

Thirty local volunteers are recruited. ZFI for the next 15 days provides 18 hours daily rescue and relief effort. This will eventually results in ZFI saving about 6000 persons' lives, and shifting another 9,000 out of helpless loneliness.

8 Sep 2014: Six boats purchased and airlifted directly into Srinagar by ZFI. Other ZFI teams scout India's coastal regions for further boats ready to be airlifted.

5-7 Sep 2014: Jhelum river bursts its bank and floods Srinagar. Power outage begins and cell phone networks fail. Flooding continues into the night with fast paced water. Victims drown in the flooding water and pit darkness of night.

ZFI’s local contacts update our New Delhi office that that bodies can be seen floating in the city of Srinagar. Hundreds of entire villages in rural J&K are submerged.

ZFI ramps up its large scale relief effort. Supplies are purchased, but as reports continue our focus shifts to boat rescue missions to saving lives.

2 Sep 2014: Heavy rains starts in J&K.