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Advisory issued by H.E. on
Amnesty to help the Indian nationals for their benefit...

Consulate General of India

Advisory / Important Instructions

The following important instructions are being issued for the information and necessary action of all concerned:

(i) Emergency Certificate (EC): Till 8/6/2013, 20610 EC applications were received of which ECs have been made till Sl. No. 12700 and 6372 ECs were issued as on 9/6/2013. In this regard, the following instructions may be noted for compliance:

(a) In case somebody wants to withdraw his EC application since he has found his passport, only cases where EC has not been made, may be entertained. For this, the applicant has to submit his EC token either with Shri P.K. Jain, Consul (Labour) or Shri Rajkumar, Consul (CW-II). The Information Desk would he having information of the Sl. No. till which the ECs have been prepared. Therefore, token only beyond that Sl. No. would be entertained.

(b) If a person has been issued an EC and also has received his old passport, then following may be kept in mind:

- In case, he wants to travel to India, he should be advised to travel on EC only. However, if his ‘exit’ has been stamped on the old passport, then he should be told to use that for immigration formalities in Saudi Arabia but for immigration formalities in India, he should carry both the documents to show to the immigration authorities, since his passport has already been cancelled in the Indian system.

- In case he wants to work continue working here and his passport is still valid, then he can work in Saudi Arabia without any hindrance, but whenever he has to go to India, he should either get a new passport made or get his EC renewed.

(ii) For final exit: The following protocol has to be followed for grant of ‘final exit’:

(a) The final exit is only being given in cases where the person is covered under the Amnesty, either he has been declared as huroob by his sponsor or his Iqama or work permit have expired and have not been renewed by the sponsor.

In case the Iqama number is wrong, or he has some pending traffic violation, legal case against him by the Kafil or any criminal case then final exit will not be granted until the settlement of the matter. The procedure for taking the final exit is as follows:

Step 1. The person has to obtain a travel document either his passport or EC in case he does not have his passport from the Consulate.

Step 2. He has to ensure that his Iqama number/ or his entry number is available.

Step 3. The person whose Iqama has been issued from Jeddah or Makkah have to approach the special desk set up for registration for issue of token number to them in front of the Visa Section where they will be registered, given a token number and date on which they have to approach Tarheel (Deportation Centre). The persons who do not have an Iqama but have their entry number they can also approach the registration desk in the Consulate and obtain their token number.

Step 4. At Tarheel, after their finger-printing is done, their passports will be taken by the Consulate staff for checking in the Computer Cell of Tarheel and if the Computer Cell clears them, the final exit along with the finger-printing would be stamped on their passports/ECs.

Step 5. They can obtain their EC/Passport from Shri Sulaiman at Counter No. 14.

Step 6. After the final exit has been stamped, they can purchase a ticket and go to the airport for return to India.

(iii) For passports/ECs which are returned with objections/remarks from Tarheel/Passport Office: Some passports/ECs have been returned with objections/remarks, which could be for following reasons:

(a) The Iqama number is wrong

(b) The case is not covered under Amnesty

(c) The person is wanted in a civil/criminal case

(d) There is a traffic violation fine imposed on the person

(e) The Nakal Malumaat on the new EC/Passport has not been taken - Nakal Malumaat is basically when a new EC is issued and the Iqama carries the number of old passport. This has to be corrected at the Tarheel (Deportation Centre) and the Consulate staff will do this.

Note: all the passports which are received from the Tarheel have been kept at the special desk set up near the EC Distribution Counter (Counter No. 14) managed by Shri Sulaiman to return the passports/ECs along with necessary guidance/instructions in case the applicant want resubmit the passport/EC after correcting the objections raised by the Tarheel authorities.

(iv) Iqama holders of other regions: The Iqama holders of other regions have been advised by the Saudi authorities to go to the station from where their Iqama was issued and to process for exit from those stations only. In order to facilitate their journey, the Consulate is giving a Travel Letter (Vargha tarif) from the Community Welfare Wing of the Consulate at Counter No. 17. However, in case the finger-printing and final exit has been stamped on the passport/EC then the person can leave from Jeddah no matter if his Iqama was made from any other station.

(v) Umrah/Haj/Visit Visa over-stayers: For the Umrah/Haj/Visit Visa over-stayers, the following options are available:

(a) To return back to India for which they have to approach the Consulate for grant of a token number.

(b) Go to the Tarheel on Tuesday for finger-printing and grant of final exit

(c) In case the Haj/Umrah/Visit Visa over-stayers who came here before 3rd July, 2008 and want to work under a sponsor, they have to first approach the Jawazat Office set up near the Dallah Tower in Rehab for finger-printing and then their Kafils have to undertake their transfer at the special Passport Office set up at Raghama.

Note: All the Haj/Umrah/Visit Visa over-stayers necessarily have to have their original passport or photocopy with the entry No. for final exit. In case they do not have the entry No. then they will have to obtain it from the Jawazat before proceeding for the final exit.

(vi) For persons who have been issued new passport and want to go on final Exit: It is important that they get their previous passport particulars namely, visa, entry no. etc. transferred to the new passport. For this process is called ‘Nakal Malumaat’ and it is being done at a special counter set up at the ladies section, Tarheel Building, Near Dallah Tower, Rehab Dist. Once the Nakal Malumaat is done, the applicant can approach Tarheel for stamping the final Exit after obtaining a token at the consulate or for transfer of sponsor i.e. Nakal Kafala.

(vii) For persons who want to know their Iqama no / Entry no.:

(a) In case, if the original passport is available then the entry no. is given on the passport and final Exit can be processed based on the entry no. If the validity of the passport is over, then the person will have to either get his passport renewed or get an Emergency Certificate issued.

(b) If the original passport is not available and the applicant has passport no. then he will have to register the no. at a special Desk no. 13 set up in the Consulate and the Consulate will try to obtain the Iqama / entry nos. from the Jawazat and inform them. Forms in this regard are already at desk No. 13. For outstation applicants, they are advised to approach their area Jawazat to check about their Iqama / entry nos.

(viii) For Domestic Workers: They can either go back to their sponsors or change their sponsors in case their previous sponsors has declared them Huroob or their Iqama and work permit have expired and have not been renewed by the sponsor. To check their Huroob status, they will have to go to Jawazat directly because this facility is available there. Those who are only on labour visa can check their Huroob status at the Consulate.

Some Green category companies have also approached us for recruiting workers, their details and requirements along with the name and other coordinates of representatives are available on our website.

(ix) Looking for new Employer: The Consulate has arranged a counter for the representatives of the companies where they sit and interview the workers approaching us for new company. In case the two parties agree they can proceed further for transfer of sponsor subject to other conditions. Till now more than 3000 persons have benefited from this service and other also advised to use this opportunity. The Consulate is also planning to organize two Job Fairs on 20th and 27th June, 2013 for benefit of the Indian community.

(x) Exit from the Airport: We have confirmed from the Officer of Immigration in-charge of North Terminal and South Terminal at Jeddah Airport regarding the conditions for travel for final Exit. They have informed that they only need the proof of bio-metric (fingerprinting) and final exit stamping on the travel document. It is immaterial whether Iqama was issued from any outstation areas.

(xi) Issue of new passport if old passport is with Kafil for transfer of sponsorship: In case a person has been offered an employment by another sponsor and he does not have his passport, then the Consulate is issuing new passport in lieu of the old passport treating the old passport as ‘Lost Passport’ case. The applicants are advised that they should ensure that either their previous sponsor has declared Huroob against them or if their Iqama / work permit had expired and the sponsor has not renewed their Iqama / work permit or the sponsor never made a new Iqama after the person’s entry into the country, then only transfer of sponsor (Nakal Kafala) can be undertaken.

General Instructions:

Applications for ECs are being filled up free of charge in the Application Filling Centre at the Consulate.

These applications can be deposited with the officials sitting outside the room of Shri Raj Kumar, Consul (CW-II), near the entrance.

Help Desk / Information Desk: For knowing about which information / procedure has to be obtained / completed on which desk, the person has to approach Help Desk near the Security Gate, just after entering the Consulate.

Information about availability of your passport with us or Huroob and Company’s Nitaqat can be had from the Stage in the Consulate. Huroob status of those in the domestic sector can be checked from Jawazat.

To know the date of delivery of your EC, please check from the schedules available with all desks and also pasted on the walls at several places.

Appeal: It is an appeal to all Indian nationals to ensure that they correct their status before end of Amnesty period i.e. 3/7/2013 or they go back to India if their correction has not been undertaken before the date. This information may be widely disseminated by all volunteers, CCWA members, SIBN members and other Indian nationals to all their brethren for their help.

(Faiz Ahmad Kidwai)
Consul General
09. 06.2013