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Roadmap: Preparing for Muslim Mirror 2024

Hindi हिंदी   |   Urdu اردو

By Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood, President
Zakat Foundation of India

Step 1:     Read the Cause and Plan of Action in English, Urdu or Hindi at
Step 2:     Select your parliamentary or assembly constituency (say 'X') where you usually live.
Step 3:     Identify & involve some more selfless persons of your kind (KGPs).
                  Take printout of the ZFI Form, you may fill it, scan it and email it to ZFI
Step 4:     Identify an office table in an outer room of one of your houses.
Step 5:     Have a computer with strong internet connectivity.
Step 6:    Google the demography of X. Go to the internet site of Registrar of Census Operations and look for Census 2001 (Census 2011 religion wise data has not yet been uploaded). Find out the total populationand the total number of Muslims in X. What's the percentage ofMuslims in X. Take printouts and open a new file and keep in there.
Paste one copy on the wall.
Step 7:     Download village-wise and ward-wise charts and maps of (i) Total population, (ii) Muslim Population and (iii) Muslim percentage. Take printouts, keep in file and paste on wall.
Step 8: Identify all the Waqf properties in X. Go to the website of Central Waqf Council: and look for the details of all waqf properties in X. Take printouts. Open another file and keep printouts.
Paste one set on the wall.
Step 9:     Personally visit each Waqf property, talk to the persons on site, obtain information, take photos. Who is the Mutawalli ? Obtain original Waqf Deed and take its photo. Make sure that Mutawalli is the rightful person. Make an assessment whether each Waqf property is being fully utilized for the purposes that have been mentioned in the Waqf Deed. Whether there is proper income being received from the property. Is there any encroachment. Whether accounts are being meticulously maintained. Whether any court cases are going on.
Whether in the interest of the Waqf property the case is being properly represented in the court. Whether the rents are being received at current fair market rates.
Step 10:     In the website of Central Waqf Council there are three schemes.
Please download and read them:
(a) Industrial Training Institutes
(b) Vocational Training Centres
(c) Book Bank / Library
Step 11:     Go to the website of central Ministry of Minority Affairs
Access all the Government welfare schemes for minorities:
(a) Advertisement inviting proposals from Registered Societies/Registered Companies/Trust etc. for imparting Coaching Programme 2014-15
(b) Multi-sectoral Development Plan
(c) Scholarship Schemes
(d) Free Coaching & Allied Scheme
(e) Grant in Aid Scheme to State Channelising Agencies of National Minorities
(f) Development & Finance Corporation
(g) "Nai Roshni"- The Scheme for Leadership Development of Minority Women
(h) "Seekho aur Kamao (Learn & Earn)"- The Scheme for Skill
Development of Minorities.
(i) Support for Students clearing Prelims conducted by UPSC/SSC,State
(j) Public Service Commission(PSC) etc.
(k) Nalanda Project: Faculty development program for minority higher educational institutions
(l) Minority Cyber Gram

Step 12:     Access the website of the central Ministry of HRD, read and deeply understand so many educational schemes, for instance:
(a) Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan
(b) Scheme to Provide Quality Education in Madrasas (SPQEM)
(c) Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan
(d) Incentives to Girls for Secondary Education
(e) National Means Cum-Merit Scholarship Scheme
(f) Financial Assistance for Appointment of language Teachers
(g) Adolescence Education Programme
(h) Scheme for construction and running of Girls’ Hostel for students
of secondary and higher secondary schools
(i) Model School Scheme
(j). Scheme of Vocationalisation of Secondary Education At + 2 Level
(k) Model School Scheme - PPP Mode
(l) Saakshar Bharat
(m) State Resource Centre
(n) Jan Shikshan Sansthan
(o) Assistance to Voluntary Agencies

Step 13:     Access the website of the central Ministry of Home Affairs, read and
understand the following schemes:
(a) Assistance to the victims of terrorist and communal violence
(b) Kabir Puruskar
(c) Assistance to voluntary organizations in the cause of national


Step 14:     Read all these schemes carefully, take printouts, keep in separate files, paste copies on wall, identify the possible beneficiaries of these schemes in different Mohallahs, Villages, printout application forms, fill the forms on their behalf, complete the required documentation, send these applications by speed/registered post to the officer concerned and follow up what happens there, etc.

Step 15:     Download similar schemes from your state govt websites and take similar action.
Step 16:     Request the Friday Imams & Khateebs to also tell the audience the meanings and Mafhoom of the Arabic Khutba. Help them in doing so. Obtain from them the standard Friday Arabic Khutba which they deliver every week. Get it authentically translated in local language and give the translation to him.
Step 17:     Also request them to pre-plan the topics and prepare the contents of the local language speech which they deliver on Friday. Some advice is available at Suffa Brochure.pdf

Step 18:     Access Prime Minister's 15 Point Program for Minorities at Carefully study and analyze each point.
See in X as to what extent these points have been implemented.
Wherever there is lack of implementation, take up the matter with the officers concerned. Petition them under RTI Act and follow up.

Step 19:     For national level Muslim problems and their solutions please click Likewise, if you have any Muslim issues specific to your state please do research on these, collect authentic data and take these up with the authorities / Govt concerned.

Step 20:    Keep informing the local media and the Friday Imams & Khateebs of all the work that you have been doing for widest publicity among the local Muslim community. You can even issue press releases and public fliers and brochures.

Step 21:     Keep emailing, every Sunday, all the above information to so that it is immediately uploaded on the website. During your researches and activities if you find something additional that needs to be included in this Roadmap, please so email at