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ZFI Housing for Displaced Persons
of Muzaffarnagar & Shamli districts

ZFI's Relief Work at Muzaffarnagar & Shamli:

ZFI has already built low cost dwelling units: 40 completed and handed over, while 50 are in progress.

Besides, plot of land measuring 8,327 sq. yd situated in tahsil Kairana, district Shamli has been transferred, free of cost, by local philanthropist land owner Mr Nahid Munawwar Hasan in the name of ZFI and the transfer has been registered in ZFI's favour in the office of the Registrar of Properties, Kairana on 10 & 15 March 2014. Land digging work has been begun by ZFI. Boundary wall columns are being erected. ZFI intends to build multi storied housing colony with 127 units on one floor, providing roads, public utility services etc.


ZFI Work done so far in Muzaffarnagar/Shamli since Sept 2013:

Earlier, Zakat Foundation of India started relief work for the riot affected, displaced persons of Muzaffarnagar & Shamli from 15 September 2013 when a ZFI team of visited various refugee camps in there. ZFI's investigation revealed that people from 162 villages have been displaced, mostly riot victims while others were scared of the violence that had occurred. Major riot affected villages are: Lisar, Kutba, Kutbi, Lakh, Baori, Phugana, Karawa, Mohd.pur Raisingh, Kaakra, Simbhalka.

The ZFI teams instantly began providing help to the needy. Since then, ZFI teams have been visiting the camps regularly every other day. So far, 42 visits have taken place. Relief was provided not only in the camps, but also to the people who had given shelter to the victims, elsewhere in their houses, Madarsas etc.

ZFI has done the following work there:
1. Provided food grains and related items to various camps and to the poor people hosting the refugees in their houses.
2. Provided food stuff packets of 20 kg each.
3. Provided hundreds of tents for shelter, mattresses, quilts, mattresses.
4. Provided new clothes for thousands of men, women, children.
5. Distributed used clothes donated by donors.
6. Continuously organised free medical camps at different locations and provided medicines. Seriously I'll patients are brought to Delhi and treated in well equipped hospitals.
7. Arranged vaccination to safeguard against waterborne diseases
8. Raised ground levels of the tents in low lying areas in order to safeguard against water logging into the tents.
9. Got the wells dug and installed hand pumps for water at different camps.
11. Provided cooking utensil kits to various camps depending on their needs.
12. Provided cash assistance to pregnant women and injured persons.
13. Arranged for Qurbani of buffaloes at different camps on the day of Eid-ul-Adha.
14. Made toilets in the camps.
15. Arranges teachers for children education.
16. Provided masjids in the camps.
17. Transported media persons to the camps so that the seriousness of the problem is made known to the people.

The refugee camps are identified and recognized by the name of the village in the vicinity.

Malakpur 3 camps 1500
Khorgaan 300
Dakhla Kheri 121
Akbarpur Pathair Road 55
Akbarpur Sonethi 120
Akbarpur opp Madarsa 50
Alipur 15
Kerana city Opp Eidgah 150

Kerana city another location 50
Other places in KERANA city 300
Rotan 300
Mansoora – 1 200
Mansoora – 2 60
Beepura 150
Barnao – 1 200
Barnao – 2 300
Teetarwada 83
Banna Majra 95
Bhoora 55
Total No. of families 4104.
@AVG 5 persons per family

Total number of persons = 20520 in one area only. 60,000 are in other areas. People are deeply scared and do not want to return home. When asked why, they replied that our neighbor has attacked us. How can we believe that it will not happen again. Secondly how can we face those who disrespected our women in our presence?

ZFI teams have repeatedly urged them to start working. Many have started earning their living but the amounts earned by the labour is barely sufficient to feed the family.